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T-shirt Quilting 101

What You'll Learn:
* T-shirt selection and preparation.
* Cutting and arranging t-shirt blocks for a visually appealing design.
* Basic quilting techniques, including piecing, sewing, and finishing.
* Tips and tricks for a professional-looking final product.

What's Included:
* Instructional demonstrations and hands-on guidance.
* A friendly and collaborative learning atmosphere.

 What you'll need for Session 1:
1. Pattern
2. 14" square ruler
3. Rotary cutter with new blade.
4. Interfacing
5. T-shirts washed with no fabric softener. Ideally, 12-20 shirts.
6. Fabrics for sashing, cornerstones and borders, if applicable.

What you'll need for Session 2:
1. Prepared shirts from Session 1 and all fabrics for sashing, cornerstones and borders, if applicable.
2. Pattern
3. Machine and manual
4. General sewing supplies
5. Neutral thread

T-shirt Quilting 101

$ 50.00